Morgan’s Morning Rant in the Hospital–“Treat Me Like a Person”

This young woman–aged 15–has just ‘explained’ in clear and articulate terms why it is so hard to get both well and respect in a hospital. Must it be this way?  Though it is referred to as a “rant”, that is not really the case–it is an indictment of the lack of respect for patients found too often in the health system.

Morgan has some serious health challenges, and has had to learn to advocate for herself to work to get better.  But the concerns she raises are typical for most patients, and the lack of coordination of care, and the lack of communication of care is huge barrier to getting well.  As do most of us, she understands that the failure to let her sleep is a barrier to that care.  And the further failure to let her wake up and be a part of her own care, communication symptoms, asking questions, is far too common.

I congratulate Morgan and her family for sharing this very important reminder.




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