Kidney Cancer Conference and the Latest Thinking

In April of 2012, the KCA held a patient conference at MD Anderson Cancer Center, which gathers about 75 patients and caregivers to hear internationally-respected experts about kidney cancer. I attended the conference and had the opportunity to meet with my “Friends on Account of Kidney Cancer”, all of joined by our experience with kidney cancer.  We had never seen one another, had to send pix to make sure we could find one another, and greeted each other as long-lost friends.

To make these lectures more meaningful, I have edited each one, after countless hours of review and correction, adding the slides to the lectures and recreating them to make them more easy to email and share.  Several friends through my patient connections have read them and found them useful, and I hope you will as well. 

The first lecture is by Dr. Jose Karam of MD Anderson, and is presented in its edited form in the next post.  Other similar posts will follow until all the lectures are available.  With the ASCO conference going on, you will see mention of trials now being published presented at ASCO.  These lectures will give you some skills to assess that information , which is now hitting the airways, with the usual lack of perspective and background which we need to understand these new findings.

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